Thursday, July 11, 2013

music camp Monsoon Masti at the Powai Ashram

Recently, we attended a music camp Monsoon Masti at the Powai Ashram conducted by the Chinmaya Naada Bindu Team. 

Tejas was asked what he would be taking away from the camp other than his camp kit of course. the following are observations conducted at home regarding their 'take a ways'.

Take-a-Ways from Camp Monsoon Masti 2013

1. The Mararti songs continue to be chart busters and still remain the top 2 for this week.

2. Constant improvisation to the steps of 'Junzhu Munzhu Pahat Zhali' being done by Amrita and Aishwarya, leading to 'I am mightier than thou, On the dance floor.' battles.

3. Tejas refuses to sing the raagas that are not allocated to that specific time slot.

4. Sargam meditation being done before vocal practise. That too, many times repetition of a swara for an extended period of time being done which was unheard of before. And then say practise is done for the day after the sargam meditation which lasts for all of 7 minutes, and girls run away to work on No.2 and Tejas to analyse which raagas cannot be sung during that time slot.

5. Practise of 'takita takita takita' on high speed overdrive.


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