Sunday, November 4, 2012

Durga Pooja.

The piano teacher urged me. Don't miss the durga pooja celebrations. The food, the fun, the frolic, the joy, the gaiety, the color, the pooja, the decor and the pandal. Not to be missed. In Mumbai.

So i went to RamaKrishna Mission Khar. And when i stepped into the archway, I was stepping into Kolkatta. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

So we were returning from a lovely evening for myself and a much boring one for my brood, after attending a 100th anniversary celebrations for Brinda Amma by none other than our beloved guru Alamelu Mani, when at 10 pm at night, we chance upon a bhaarat making its way in the darkness.

It was sheer fun to have chanced upon our first bhaarat, pulled out my twins, made our way to where the people were making merry and had a sneak peak at the groom flanked by two sikh children on a white horse. Relatives in front were dancing to the band baajai and a whole host of street lamps carried by the people threw the much needed light on the whole festivity.

It was a treat to watch as they made their way to wherever at 10 pm at night on a Saturday evening.

Only In Mumbai.