Monday, December 16, 2013

Phata Poster Nikla Hero

Yes, I am a huge Shahid Kapoor fan, well only after I saw this half hour episode on how Kareena and Shahid were quite fond of each other one minute and she goes on KwKaran and states their lov etc, and the next minute, she has dumped him for someone who comes with a name and fame. As always, the heart flew to the underdog, the puppy face hero who deserved a whole lot better treatment the movies and girls have given him in real life. So after much bated breath, we went to see the PPNH. Though it was full of laughter and Shahid's energy was palpable from the screen, the movie was dragging towards the latter half and was quite sillily comical and not the best of suaveness like a Student of the Year, lets say. So my heart went out for this poor chap who grabbed upon the nearest acting chance and what happened ? it ended right there.

He was also doing R..Rajkumar at the same time. Though I badly wanted to go for this, I knew I wouldn't be able to take the sillyness the movie is. How I wish he would get some real neat glamorous roles. How I wish he could take off like he is meant to. I know he deserves it. May the Lord look upon Shahid and Lady Luck shine upon him. Wishing him the best life has to offer. 
If you can, please go see his movies at the theatres. And become his fan, just like I did, only in Mumbai

PS : But I definitely enjoy the songs in these two movies.