Friday, June 28, 2013

Santa Cruz Shopping Market

is an amazing experience, just to go see what is out there.

I have never ever thought a city could define me, change me and mould be and yet here I am, a true Mumbaikar.
The change was gradual, but has come about.
It is inevitable
only because it is Mumbai

I have heard so many people say , you will either hate it or love it, but this is more than love.
This is passion. When i go out on the streets, I see people spilling out on the streets, going about their daily rituals and habits. I see people sleeping on the pavements between roads, amidst the going and coming of traffic. I see dirth, filth and ugly water flowing in the slums of dharavi.

What i also see is the fun people have here, life that is being lived here, life taking place at all times. Well dressed people close to people wearing nothing and all of them exist in a happy medium. It has become like the USA, the land of opportunity, people come here from all over to make money, party, have fun, make films and music. The people who are already here have taught us to have fun by taking their festival on to the streets like Ganesh Puja. Like you all know, it was an eerie silent moment for me. 


Okay, I must be the oldest fan of Edward Cullen, but still am a fan

Thursday, June 27, 2013

the mood is really sombre today. We are all cramming for Tejas's international spelling bee !!
The difference is so palpable. Till yesterday we were all bindass and suddenly there is this urgency in the air, it is has become so thick that it can throttle the breath going down the airways !!